Babylonian chicken batter

In the Bible we find: “You will not cook the kid in its mother’s milk”. This is one of the verified cases in which food becomes a cultural identity element, a way to make the chosen people different from the other Near East people. Indeed, Abraham ancestors cooked meat with milk. In many old Babylonian recipes to prepare dishes with fowl meat we find a sort of “batter” made up with flour and milk; one recipe for pigeon soup called for leek, garlic, onion and “kisimmu”, a solid derivative of milk.

Being inspired by this recipe we can try to prepare a chicken escalope using “the Babylonian batter”.

Directions: cut chicken breast into cubes. Separate egg whites from yolks and whisk these lasts adding a pinch of salt. Always whisking add cold milk and the flour well sift. Combine with the whisked whites and mix slowly. The batter is ready: dip chicken cubes into it and deep fry in sesame oil.

Ingredients: ½ kilo chicken breast, 2 eggs, 150gr flour, 200ml milk, salt and oil as much as needed.


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